Romanian Start Up provide solution for monitoring, mapping and measure air pollution.


On average people inhale and exhale roughly 20000 times a day.

By default, they assume that the air breathe in is clean … but is it?

According to WHO 91% of the world population is exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution. “No one, rich or poor, can escape air pollution.

It is a silent public health emergency.” – Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO’s director general

Polisensio developed an outdoor air pollution monitoring, data collection, analytics, and data visualizations system.

The end product is an easy to use decision support tool in the form of a web-platform displaying environmental intelligence about air quality in real time (various formats & features) & an API.


2019 is an exciting year for me and for all of us at Polisensio.

After working on it for most of 2017 ;

2018 starting from scratch and going through 2 accelerator programs, we are ready to introduce the benefits of smart air pollution monitoring to even more countries in Europe.


Breathing clean air is fundamental human right.

WebMap PM25

At Polisensio we believe in fighting for the right of breathing clean air.

We believe that by leveraging state of the art air sensing and IoT technologies, the rapid developments of the urban landscape can be done without endangering the quality of the air and directly our health.

We deploy Networks of Moving Sensors, to monitor and collect real time data on urban air pollution, then provide actionable insights and suggestions to manage the dangerous hot spots.